Bluewake Technologies helps to stimulate alertness at night and to reduce the effects of micro-sleep while driving and at work. We believe that worker safety and well-being are essential components for optimizing productivity and business success. We promote performance without compromising on safety and well-being.

The issues
that concern us

The burden of night shifts on workers’ well-being and safety

The high number of accidents caused by reduced alertness associated with fatigue

The fall of productivity and the increase in errors caused by inadequate alertness

Our solution

Bluewake Technologies pushes back the limits of fatigue management performance by exploiting the benefits of light on the alertness to improve productivity and safety of individuals.

Our innovative solutions help to stimulate alertness at night and facilitate rest during the day by promoting better synchronization of the level of attention, thus favoring a reduction of risk of accidents. Our products are particularly aimed at night workers and anyone who needs to be alert at night, in reverse of the natural sleep cycle.

Find out how our solutions could help you increase your productivity while reducing the risk of accidents and explore the science behind our products.

Bluewake installation in Caterpillar 793 mining truck

Our product


Your portable alertness stimulator

A group of individuals seeking to make an impact

Our team is composed of entrepreneurs and experts in photobiology and fatigue management.

News and events

To serve you better, we explore news, events and innovations in productivity and safety derived from healthy fatigue management practice.

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