Cab lighting to counter fatigue at the wheel

    Transport Routier


    The Quebec company Chronophotonix has developed a cabin lighting system that reduces the feeling of fatigue at the wheel for drivers who drive at night.

    The device, called Bluewake and sold for $ 750 at retail, is more or less the size of a cell phone that is installed on the dashboard and emits a bluish light that acts on the brain by putting it in “day” mode »Even in the middle of the night, in order to counter the effects of drowsiness. Patents for this technology have been obtained from Canada, the United States and Australia.

    The concept was born from the work of photobiology – the effect of light on the brain – by Professor Marc Hébert, of Laval University in Quebec. He teamed up with a team of collaborators, including the president of Chronophotonix Jacques Dénommée, to find commercial applications for this system and night trucking quickly emerged as an important potential market.