Canadian Malartic Mine offers the Bluewake solution to its production truck operators

    The Canadian Malartic mine, the largest open-pit gold mine in Canada, recently completed the installation of the Bluewake alertness solution in its fleet of more than 30 Caterpillar 793F production trucks. The health and safety of workers remains a daily priority for the mining company and the use of this technology is an additional tool available to its truck operators.

    Fatigue presents several challenges for the mining industry. Depending on the day-to-day work and operational setup at a given mine site, mining jobs can involve a fair amount of high intensity tasks in a context conducive to micro-sleep. The use of Bluewake allows an improvement in the presence of mind and the speed of reaction, two factors of alertness essential to the safety and the productivity of the workers.

    About the Canadian Malartic mine

    The Canadian Malartic mine is managed and operated by the Canadian Malartic Partnership, which is equally owned by the companies Yamana Gold Inc. and Agnico Eagle Mines Limited. Along with the Canadian Malartic and Barnat pits, it is the largest open-pit gold mine in Canada. It is located in Malartic, in an urban environment, in the heart of the Abitibian gold belt. Its activities will continue until 2029.

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    About Bluewake Technologies

    Bluewake Technologies pushes the limits of fatigue risk management performance by harnessing the benefits of blue light on alertness, promoting productivity while proactively improving the safety and well-being of individuals.

    Bluewake solutions resulting from the work of researcher Marc Hébert, Ph. D in neuroscience, expert in biological clock and photobiology and researcher at the CERVO research center at Laval University, Quebec.

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