JRV Distribution and Bluewake Technologies sign a distribution agreement

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    JRV Distribution and Bluewake Technologies sign a distribution agreement

    JRV Distribution recently agreed to represent Bluewake Technologies’ health and safety solutions, namely the bluewake drowsiness prevention solution and Chron-Optic glasses (“blue-blocker”), for the geographic sector of Quebec’s North Shore.

    Fatigue presents several challenges for the mining industry. Depending on the day-to-day work and operational setup at a given mine site, mining jobs can involve a fair amount of labor-intensive work in an environment prone to drowsiness. The use of Bluewake and Chron-Optic glasses improves presence of mind and reaction speed at work and better daytime sleep for individual working in environment with insufficient natural light. The bluewake and Chron-Optic solutions promote greater safety, productivity and promote the well-being of workers.

    About Canadian JRV Distribution

    JRV is the oldest company on the North Shore. The company started in 1946 and got its start in retail sales as a hardware store. It took on an industrial dimension in the 1950s when mining companies came to the North Shore. Since then, JRV has expanded its activities in Quebec and Labrador to serve customers in the industrial markets.

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    About Bluewake Technologies

    Bluewake Technologies pushes the limits of fatigue risk management performance by harnessing the benefits of blue light on alertness, promoting productivity while proactively improving the safety and well-being of individuals.

    Bluewake solutions is the result of the research work of Marc Hébert, Ph. D in neuroscience, expert in biological clock and photobiology and researcher at the CERVO Brain research center at Laval University, Quebec.

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