Risk Factors for Collisions and Near-Miss Incidents Caused by Drowsy Bus Drivers

    International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health

    Genta Miyama,Masakatsu Fukumoto, Ritsuko Kamegaya and Masahito Hitosugi

    Serious accidents have been caused by drowsy bus drivers and have necessitated an
    examination of the risk factors involved. A questionnaire survey among employees of a bus company
    was conducted in Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan in September 2014. Respondents were asked to report
    details of their work and life over the preceding month. The 301 valid responses by bus drivers
    (295 men and 6 women) with a mean age of 51.6 years (range: 24–73 years) were used for analysis.
    Univariable logistic regression showed that factors affecting the incidence of collisions and near-miss
    incidents by drowsy drivers were continued driving when feeling sick, reporting a physical condition,
    number of sleep hours, time spent with family, working hours, and nutritional balance

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