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We offer solutions that aim to counter the harmful effects of reduced alertness while driving and at work to help reducing the risk of accident and increase the well-being of the individual. Our solutions help the night worker to maintain greater alertness, favoring increased productivity during their shifts and better sleep during the day.

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In addition to the sedentary nature of work of the night drivers already representing a challenge in terms of road safety, the state of the biological clock, which is responsible of the sleep cycle in individuals, makes it difficult to maintain the adequate level of alertness work requires. By increasing the driver’s alertness level, the Bluewake helps reducing risk of accident at night, both on the road and at work.



The night worker lives in reverse of the natural biology, which causes significant issues in terms of fatigue and wellness. In addition to helping increasing the night worker’s alertness, the Bluewake contributes to a better quality of rest and higher energy level, all important factors in stress reduction, fatigue mitigation and overall well-being of the night worker.



The biological clock, which is the ultimate manager of our biological activity,
synchronizes naturally with blue light and so as to generate the biological responses that allow the body to maintain physical activity.

By using natural principles, the Bluewake helps individual to reach higher level of concentration often required to reduce errors when in lack of natural blue light, favoring an increase in performance
and productivity.

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How science
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The Body of Knowledge in the science of photobiology teaches us that the natural modulation of light affects the state of the biological clock and that blue light is a key determinant in driving our sleep patterns. Bluewake Technologies has considered the possibility that the modulation of artificial blue light, could improve the worker’s level of alertness at night similarly as the morning natural light to promote greater safety, higher energy level and improved well-being.


The science of photobiology as thought us that light governs the development of many life forms and is necessary for physical and mental health. Its role is also crucial in the preparation of biology in support of the daily cycle of activities and rest periods.


The Body of Knowledge shows that our brain reacts to light to synchronize our body with the time of day. Since we are day creatures, our performance is naturally optimal during the early part of daytime.

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Better synchronization of vigilance in relation to night work will have multiple positive impacts on the well-being of the worker, his safety and his performance at work. By improving alertness at night, Bluewake helps in improving productivity and to reduce risk of errors often leading to accidents for night workers. By favoring higher energy levels at night, Bluewake also helps to achieve better sleep during the day for improved rest, which has been linked to improved wellness by many research papers.

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    For individuals

    Bluewake Technologies promotes a more balanced lifestyle. Improving general well-being will have a positive impact on the quality of time spent with loved ones. Healthier living will also reduce absenteeism and improve productivity, which in turn should bring economic benefits. Users can also feel safer knowing that their co-workers are also more alert and less likely to make mistakes and cause accidents.

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    Night work involves more risk than day work, simply because the biological clock predisposes the worker to sleep at night, which increases the risk of accidents related to reduced alertness caused by drowsiness.
    By stimulating the biological clock at night and promoting better sleep during the day, we help the night worker maintain higher energy and alertness, two key factors in reducing the risk of accidents.

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    Research shows that night work is a significant heath burden on the worker. The night worker lives contrary to his natural biology, which is a major cause of fatigue related breakdown and health issues including overweight, hypertension and diabetes.

    The benefits of the solutions offered include improved alertness and energy levels at night, reduced stress and better sleep during the day. We believe that these improvements will impact the number of sick leave and accidents at work, two factors offering significant economic, social and operational benefits.


Bluewake Technologies does not aim to replace sound fatigue management practices and a balanced lifestyle, but rather we offer complementary solutions that would lower the risk of accidents associated with reduced alertness caused by the nature of the work, particularly in absence of natural light, while driving and at work.

Bluewake aims to stimulate alertness, but DOES NOT GUARANTEE prevention of drowsiness. It is recognized that workers are at greater risk of drowsiness during night shifts. It is the sole responsibility of all users of our solutions to pay constant attention to their level of drowsiness and the state of their faculties, regardless of their activity. The user must immediately refrain from any activity if his abilities are and / or become insufficient or disturbed, even while using our solutions. Consequently, to the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, Bluewake Technologies cannot be held responsible for any material or physical damage resulting from the use of our solutions by a user who neglects to maintain constant attention to his degree of drowsiness and to his state of health.

Our experience confirms that actual results may vary from person to person and from daily individual’s condition.

The Bluewake is a device aimed at stimulating alertness and DOES NOT CONTAIN ANY therapeutic nor medical property. Chronic fatigue conditions should always be discussed with a physician and certified fatigue management specialist.

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