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If you drive or operate equipment at night, you are faced with a much greater risk of accident simply because alertness is biologically lowered during the night to allow resting. Reduced alertness at night affects your ability to remain attentive to your surroundings, induces tunnel vision (forward fixation) often accompanied by slower reaction times and frequent distraction.

Although your level of alertness at night is strongly influenced by typical fatigue factors (quality / duration of sleep, illness, physical condition, etc.), scientific literatures reveals that even if you sleep well during day you are still faced with at greater risk of inadequate alertness induced by circumstantial factors of your night shift (reduced light and the nature of the activity performed) and your natural sleep cycle, which naturally slows down the body at night.

The Bluewake was designed for people like you, active at night, whether for leisure or for work. It uses natural principles to favor enhanced alertness aiming at reducing risk of accident on the road and at work. It helps you to be alert when needed.


If you have any questions about the Bluewake or if you want to speak with a user of the product, please do not hesitate to contact one of our ambassadors.

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How the Bluewake works

The Bluewake is designed to produce light wavelengths known to stimulate alertness and well-being.

The Body of Knowledge in photobiology informs us that our biological clock is most sensitive to wavelengths known as blue lights and when exposed to blue light our central clock alerts the brain to trigger biological daytime activities, generating active responses to over 150 processes in the human body, including reducing melatonin production, increasing blood body temperature, increased heart rate and an increased blood pressure.

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