Recognize and prevent fatigue at work…before an incident occurs!

    Reconnaître et prévenir la fatigue au travail… avant qu’un incident se produise!. Interprétation scientifique Global-Watch disponible au

    Zawieja, P., Daneau, P., Fouquet, E., Charbonneau, J. (2018).

    Fatigue at work affects a significant number of workers/employees around the world. It is the third most reported health problem in Europe, and more than one in five American workers say they feel tired at work. However, in addition to affecting the quality of life of people and weakening their immune system, fatigue at work also generates significant costs. In the United States alone, the amount of lost productivity and health care costs related to fatigue at work is estimated at 136.4 billion dollars each year!

    While all workers/employees are likely to experience fatigue at one time or another, the problem of fatigue at work is often only noticed following a major accident. Considering its considerable effects on workers/employees and on organizations, is it possible to identify and prevent fatigue at work before a serious incident occurs?

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